Rising above annoyances

There are many times in life a person will encounter an individual who will annoy them or just be a bug under their skin. There are many ways to cope with annoyances, and there are ways to live life in joy even with them around. I have many life experiences with an individual who got under my skin. Some, were successful, some were just downright pathetic because they made it quite obvious that they were trying to annoy me, and there were times I just coped with it and carried on with the activity I was doing. One way to deal with a real-life troll is, ignore them and stay having a slight smile on your face. That way if they say something to you and you have the same expression, you don’t show no other emotions or mixed feelings. Another way to cope with annoyances is to laugh. This is my number one way to cope with annoyances. Whether it’s with a family member, peer, or co-worker this method works best. At least to me it does. If someone you know is intentionally annoying you, or someone cracks a joke on you with the intention to put you on the spot and embarrass you just laugh. Just laugh. Peers in my school have cracked so many jokes on me so many times that it isn’t funny. But I learned to just laugh it off. Whether it’s funny or not laugh it off. Sometimes you just have to laugh it off like a football player taking a hard hit and recovering and shrugging his shoulders. Shake it off. It means nothing. If you feel you have too much pride and have to prove toughness to sit back and let things happen, then go ahead and get in the trash talking session. In my opinion, the one who can keep their mouth shut and go on about their business is the tougher one. It shows class, resistance, and intelligence. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had a friend who just wanted to act hardcore and and rush out to play brawler, only to see him comeback with a bloody nose or a busted lip. Being able to resist the urge to say something rather than using your fist is what truly makes you a strong individual. Not knocking somebody’s teeth down their throat. That’s just embarrassing. Their are small loopholes for an individual to try to get under your skin is by asking questions that require nothing more than common sense or just down right stupid questions. That method of trolling right there is trying to get you to explain yourself. You’re you, you don’t have to explain yourself to anybody. Now if you were late for work or school then you may have to explain to the teacher, but that is a completely different situation. The main point here is you cannot react. If you react, and I don’t care whatever the person said; you’re giving them what they want. They want you to react and get stuck just for a chuckle. If you react, reply and stumble in your words then you gave them the prize. The prize was for something weird, embarrassing, and funny.  But remember, if you think with your head, you’ll be able to cope with anything.


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